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Research Article

Students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) based on parental education and gender factors

Nur Choiro Siregar, Roslinda Rosli, Sandra Nite

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2023, Volume 18, Issue 2, Article No: em0736

Research Article

Welsh Experience in Supporting Regional Languages in Education

Kamila N. Gataullina, Albina R. Drozdikova–Zaripova

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 6, 1857-1865

Research Article

Individual Curricula: Teachers’ Beliefs Concerning Stochastic Instructions

Andreas Eichler

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2007, Volume 2, Issue 3, 208-226

Research Article

Modeling with the Software 'Derive' to Support a Constructivist Approach to Teaching

Mette Andresen

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2007, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1-15

Research Article

Assessing Algebraic Solving Ability Of Form Four Students

Lim Hooi Lian, Noraini Idris

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2006, Volume 1, Issue 1, 55-76