Pre-service Primary Teachers’ Teaching Styles and Attitudes towards the Use of Technology in Mathematics Classrooms
José M. Marbán 1 * , Eddie M. Mulenga 2
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1 University of Valladolid, SPAIN2 The Copperbelt University, ZAMBIA* Corresponding Author


The integration of ICT in formal teaching and learning environments has become more and more relevant along the last decades. However, its use in the mathematics classroom seems to be still far from initial expectations. This paper shows the results from a research conducted to get some insight about such a gap by analyzing the relationship between pre-service primary teachers’ teaching styles in teaching and learning mathematics and their attitudes towards the use of technology in mathematics classrooms. Analysis of Variances and step-wise multiple regression analysis were performed over the data provided by one hundred and sixty three participants by completing survey questionnaires. The results indicate that pre-service teachers’ year of study has no significant impact on the integration of ICT in the teaching and learning of mathematics while teaching styles and gender do have. Furthermore, age, gender and teaching styles are capable predictors for the construction of the regression model and it is deduced that teaching styles have a predictive ability on the integration of ICT in mathematics classrooms.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 2, 253-263

Publication date: 26 Jan 2019

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