Experimental Work Organization for Preparing Master's Degree Students for Research Activities
Tlegen A. Akhmetov, Botagoz Sh. Baimukhambetova, Tatyana I. Smagliy, Bibigul M. Utegenova, Nazghul A. Aydnalieva, Natalya Y. Kifik
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The paper describes the peculiarities of the experimental work organization to prepare master's degree students for research activities, and suggests a set of pedagogical conditions for this preparation under the conditions of the master program's educational process. To confirm the validity of the scientific theoretical assumptions, a plan is suggested with input and final diagnostics, intermediate tests, and several control and experimental groups. Master's degree students' preparedness for research activities was assessed by the following indicators: motivational-values attitude to the research, a set of research knowledge and skills and professionally significant personal qualities of the lecturer-researcher. Based on these indicators, three levels of master's degree students' preparedness for research activities were determined: reproductive, reproductive-creative and creative. The research determined that the master's degree students' reproductive level of preparedness for research activities is caused by insufficient attention, paid to this issue in the master's degree programs. The main solution to this problem is the implementation of the pedagogical conditions set to prepare master's degree students for research activities. The study showed the importance of the research results for the educational process of the master's degree course.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 5, 1359-1371

Publication date: 04 Aug 2016

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