Issues of Professional Training for Russian Language Teachers in the Conditions of a Multicultural Environment
Evdokiya Pavlovna Nikiforova, Vladimir Petrovich Ignatiev
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This article discusses the issues of professional training for future Russian language teachers in the context of global changes taking place in the sphere of education. The paper used data from monitoring studies conducted by the authors in different years in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which made it possible to expand and deepen the system of professional training for teachers of the Russian language in terms of such aspects as content, management and organization. The study reveals the ways of solving the following problems: teaching the Russian language to migrants’ children, where the teachers must be willing to address the problems of language and socio-cultural adaptation of migrants’ children; it is necessary to prepare teams of authors for the development of the Russian language textbooks for migrants’ children who are speakers of other languages; teaching Russian as a second language where methodological preparation of students, who will work in a bilingual environment, should change dramatically based on the theory of intercultural communication, cultural linguistics and the results of comparative-typological studies; language groups at schools need regional Russian language school textbooks which would correspond to the requirements of the Federal State Education Standards (FSES) in the field of inclusive education where the introduction of special FSES for children with disabilities imposes new requirements for the professional competence of teachers; it is necessary to create a special remedial and developing environment for children with disabilities in Russian language lessons.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 10, 2016, 3425-3433

Publication date: 25 Nov 2016

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