Development Comic Based Problem Solving in Geometry
Pardimin, Sri Adi Widodo
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Learning devices are tools or equipment to carry out the process that will enable educators and learners perform the learning activities. Learning media is one of the learning tools that support the success of the learning process. This article discusses the development of instructional media for students of classes VII comics on rectangular material. This comic instructional media 4D method that is designed to define, design, development, and dissemination. In the first phase done to establish and define the terms of development, the second phase of the comic instructional media designed to obtain a prototype or product design and development phase is done with the media to determine the feasibility prototype, and prototype revision in order to obtain a hypothetical media. The results of the assessment sheet obtained that the feasibility media validator obtained an average score of 3.93 with very good. The process of developing a comic on the subject of geometry only through 3 phases: define, by analyzing the curriculum, and to formulate basic competencies and indicators of achievement of learning outcomes, the design phase is done by creating a comic prototype-based troubleshooting with a black and white design, develop.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 12, Issue 3, October 2017, 233-241

Publication date: 29 May 2017

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