Careful Co-Planning for Effective Team Teaching in Mathematics
Alison S Marzocchi 1 * , Bridget K Druken 1 , Michelle V Brye 1
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1 California State University, Fullerton, CA, USA* Corresponding Author


This paper reports on a semester-long co-teaching investigation in which three mathematics teacher educators in the USA themselves enacted a co-plan/co-teach credentialing model in the context of a mathematics content course for future elementary teachers. The mathematics teacher educators sought to examine the co-planning practices for improving the team teaching co-teaching strategy. Data were collected from the mathematics teacher educators over fifteen weeks, including twice-weekly journal entries and classroom observation protocols. Utilizing a first-person research study design, the mathematics teacher educators found that a co-planning strategy could be used to maximize resources and improve lesson cohesion during team taught lessons. In particular, the mathematics teacher educators used co-planning meetings to divide lesson responsibilities by learning goal or by task. In this novel approach to mathematics teacher educator training, we describe the co-planning strategy along with its expansion, implementation, benefits, and limitations, and argue for its use in co-teachers’ co-planning repertoire.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 3, Article No: em0663

Publication date: 21 Oct 2021

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