Adaptive Education Technologies to Train Russian Teachers to Use E-learning
Elizabeth Afanasyevna Barakhsanova, Vasily Mikhaylovich Savvinov, Mikhail Semenovich Prokopyev, Elena Zotikovna Vlasova, Ilya Borisovich Gosudarev
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Rough development paces of modern society, its dynamism and variability necessitate training teachers with the double advancing. In this respect there is a problem of searching for pedagogical innovations that intensify the process of their high-quality professional training. Process approach is one of advanced versions to solve this problem. It is based on the optimization of management of students’ educational activities using learning technologies, interrelation of self-organization and adaptation concepts through synergetics being at the bottom of their development. It is shown that these technologies should be oriented to make knowledge gained by students an extender of their activity capabilities, and also a basis for personal and professional implementation through three types of technologies: information, activity and organizational. In case of synthesis they are considered as social technologies. It is proved that their use in training is the most reasonable inclusive of multiple-factor specifics of the educational process. The results of the survey are of interest for a wide range of specialists in education, as they expand possibilities of using adaptive education technologies by pedagogical community in the electronic information educational environment.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 10, 2016, 3447-3456

Publication date: 25 Nov 2016

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