A Synergy-Based Approach through Developing Cross-Disciplinary Module
Tatyana A. Olkhovaya, Alexander E. Shukhman, Victoria V. Nevolina, Lyudmila A. Amirova, Natalia A. Zaitseva
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Considering and overcoming the contradictions occurring while teaching humanities and social sciences was an important stage to understand fully their potential, the leading role of synergetic approach determining current improvements in curricula and teaching methods for implementing new ideas and values, as well as concepts and contents,  into various sciences and courses studied by Humanities students. In the course of the research, a concept of ‘cross-disciplinary module’ has been considered as an innovative model with its pedagogic mechanisms to achieve the synergetic effect, and made it possible to develop its structure and content reasoning. Designing and developing cross-disciplinary modules, as the main technique used in the research, has been developed intentionally to improve teaching and learning Humanities outcomes at university. Theoretical-and-methodological foundation to design and implement them is based on synergy approach principles, related to the goals, structure, content, techniques used to organize and develop the students’ knowledge acquisition. The authors believe that the materials proposed may be helpful for the systems of continuing professional education and retraining of pedagogical resources, young scientists and postgraduates, officials and experts managing and controlling educational process.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 3, 467-474


Publication date: 17 May 2016

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