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Research Article

Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Mathematics by Greek Engineering Students at University: An Exploratory Study

Angelos Giannoulas, Aglaia Stampoltzis

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 2, Article No: em0639

Research Article

The Relationship of Time Perspective and Subjective Perceptions of Students as the Empirical Base for Individualization of the Educational Path

Dmitry P. Zavodchikov, Anton A. Sharov, Olga F. Chistik, Ivan V. Larionov, Olga A. Naumova

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 7, 2678-2701

Research Article

Integrating History of Mathematics into Curriculum: What are the Chances and Constraints?

Regina M. Panasuk, Leslie Bolinger Horton

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2012, Volume 7, Issue 1, 3-20