The Theoretical Analysis of Views on Anticipatory Function of Mental Reflection Development
Anna I. Akhmetzyanova
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The urgency of the problem is caused by the fact that in human activity it is impossible to find such a situation, in which the anticipation would not play a significant role. Forecasting can relate and apply to different aspects of life of the subject; it may equally apply to both future changes of the human environment, and changes of social status, certain norms of behavior, self-control, control of his own actions and actions of other people. The aim of the article is to implement the theoretical analysis of the development of ideas about the anticipatory function of mental reflection. The leading approach to the study of this issue are the provisions of system-functional approach of anticipation as a phenomenon that permeates all levels of psychic reflection of reality and having a multi-level structure. The analysis of the phenomenon of anticipation indicates that it pervades all forms and levels of psychic reflection of reality, has adaptive - maladaptive nature, and in conditions of mental or psychic insolvency anticipation inconsistency is observed. The materials of the article may be useful for school psychologists.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 4, 2016, 683-694

Publication date: 16 Jul 2016

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