The Concept of Informal Learning in the Organization
Irina G. Dotcenko, Tatiana E. Evtodieva, Lyudmila V. Polynova, Elena A. Alontceva
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The urgency of the problem under investigation is due to the fact that the need for constant human learning in modern society needs to create the educational conditions and theoretical understanding in any organization. The purpose of the article – to examine informal education not only as an independent, unprogrammed promotion of human cultural development, but also as a guide and the projected improvement of the professional and personal skills of employees of organizations. The leading approaches to the study of this problem are social-pedagogical and managerial approaches to substantiate the essence of the process and the role of leaders of organizations trained in the management of such education. The article formulates laws, types of informal education, principles and methods for its development in the organization. Article may be helpful for leaders of organizations of different types, the findings can be used in teaching staff management disciplines in higher and secondary vocational education.


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Article Type: Research Article

INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 7, 2016, 2626-2638

Publication date: 04 Sep 2016

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