Mathematics Performance of Students in a Philippine State University
Marvin Guinocor 1, Porferio Almerino 1 * , Irene Mamites 1, Charisma Lumayag 1, Mary Anne Villaganas 1, Mae Capuyan 2
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1 Cebu Technological University, PHILIPPINES2 Department of Education, Cebu Province, PHILIPPINES* Corresponding Author


Teaching and understanding mathematics is a significant concern in any educational system. Largish efforts are made by various researchers to find out the causes of students’ performance in the subject. Despite every one of these endeavors issues still, endure. The researchers used a descriptive-correlational design to gather data through an adopted survey tool for study habits and attitudes. The study was conducted at the Cebu Technological University San Francisco Campus, Cebu, Philippines. The respondents were the 52 Education students who were enrolled in the mathematics program; they answered the survey of study habits and attitudes. The gathered data were treated using frequency, simple percentage, weighted mean, Pearson r, and t-test. It was found out that there is a significant positive high correlation between the study orientations of the students considering their academic performance in terms of their Graded Point Average (GPA) in Mathematics subjects. It was concluded that the study orientations of students differ. The researchers recommend conducting a further study on the effectiveness of the developed research-based study strategies.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 3, Article No: em0586

Publication date: 28 Mar 2020

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