Interference of Same Direction Shocks
Pavel V. Bulat
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The article considers the interference of shock of the same direction or, as they are called, catching-up shock waves. Purpose is to give a classification to the shock-wave structures that arise in this type of shocks interaction, and to determine the area of their existence. As a result of same direction shocks’ intersection a shock-wave structure forms ate the intersection point, containing the main shock, tangential discontinuity and one more reflected gas-dynamic discontinuity, the type of which is not known beforehand. The problem of determining the type of reflected discontinuity is the main problem, which must be solved in the study of catching-up shocks’ interference. The paper presents qualitative picture of shock-wave structures arising from the interaction of catching shock. The areas in which there is a regular and irregular interaction catching shocks. There are also areas in which the stationary solution is not available. The latest factor has determined the revival of interest in the theoretical study of given problem, because the facts of shock-wave structure’s sudden destruction inside the air intake of supersonic aircrafts at high Mach numbers were discovered. Is also relevant to investigate the possibility of using catching-up oblique shock waves to create an over-compressed detonation in promising detonation air-jet and rocket engines.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 5, 1051-1062

Publication date: 29 Jul 2016

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