Government Support of Innovative Business in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sarsengali A. Abdymanapov, Aigul N. Toxanova, Alma H. Galiyeva, Aigul A. Muhamedzhanova, Zhanar S. Ashikbayeva, Ainur S. Baidalinov
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The article discusses development of innovative entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan, reveals innovative business development problems, and shows experience in government support of innovative business. The authors made practical recommendations on developing mechanisms for government support of innovative entrepreneurship and conducted a survey of businesses to identify the role of government support in the development of innovative entrepreneurship. The object of the research is to analyze the modern approaches to the establishment of government support mechanisms of innovative entrepreneurship. The methodology of this study is based on the systems approach, such as methods of scientific cognition as comparative analysis, generalization, deduction, systematization, surveys, polls, interviews, statistical data processing and case studies. The results of this research is justification of multi-level approach to government support of innovative entrepreneurship and differentiation of the government support of innovative entrepreneurship according to the level of development and stage of the economic cycle. In conclusion, it was emphasized that, in times of crisis, it is necessary to give preference to indirect methods of support (tax breaks, preferential loans, government support for financial leasing, franchising and support for small and medium enterprises engaged in manufacturing and distribution of innovation).


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 5, 2016, 1033-1049

Publication date: 29 Jul 2016

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