Fundamental and Applied Education - A New Look
Rail M. Asadullin, Filarit Sh. Teregulov, Natal’ya D. Koletvinova, Nadira M. Egamberdieva
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The problem under study is urgent due to the fact that the education sector is regarded as a historically system of human activity evolving both externally and internally. In this context, this article aims to perceive pointed reality in which the philosophical categories of fundamental and applied knowledge are viewed as the two poles between which the design and technological activities are set. The main idea of ​​this study is a sociogenetic approach which allows considering any pedagogical project as a compromise reached by numerous agreements which is showed by great diversity. The article presents a dual biosocial human nature, proves educational activities, including the initial set-up of social channels and their further usage for circulation between individuals of different types of information, sets intravital forming of the Intelligence organ and the basis of personality among newly born human beings. The article information is valuable for both methodologists-theorists and engineers of education.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 1, 23-33

Publication date: 21 Apr 2016

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