Criminological Analysis of Determinants of Cybercrime Technologies
Lola F. Tatarinova, Karimzhan N. Shakirov, Danila V. Tatarinov
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An important task, the government, particularly law enforcement officers and scientists, faces in the rapid development of information technologies, is to prevent crimes committed with their application. Comprehensive analysis of the criminological characteristics of computer crimes, which is the aim of this study, provides an opportunity to identify the motives of these crimes to determine the most effective ways to eliminate them, as well as to work out the best ways and investigation means of criminal cases in this category. One of the fundamental structural elements of the national security of any state in the period of cyberspace development is to protect all information resources and communication networks against criminal assault. A complete analysis of computer crimes requires the understanding of motivation of illegal intrusion into information systems in order to obtain the information, stored in them, as well as using the opportunities provided by these systems or disabling the whole system or its components. The statement above is confirmed by the global use of computer technologies, information and communication networks.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 5, 1127-1134

Publication date: 02 Aug 2016

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