Alienation of Personality in Higher Education
Pavel N. Afanasyev, Tatyana P. Sharaj
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The problem of alienation of personality in the learning process is common for all the education levels in our country and abroad. In this connection, it is becoming increasingly important to identify its causes and the ways to overcome them. The article presents a complex vision of the phenomenon of alienation of personality in the field of higher education in modern Russian society from the philosophical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical positions. The general approach we chose when considering the phenomenon of alienation in the field of higher education is the activity approach which is well-developed by Russian researchers and examines the social subject as an active actor included in the actual system of social relations. Within the framework of empirical research conducted in the phenomenological tradition, the subjective experience of the individual in the system of higher education and the individual-personal side of the objective social reality is represented. In the article the factors affecting the alienation reproduction in the higher education learning process are revealed; the characteristics of the traditional approach in teaching, contributing to alienation are shown; the basic forms of alienation of high school students are highlighted; the most formulized and most established subjectivizing practices in higher education are described; the basic elements of subjectivizing social practices are formulated. The identified social practices of alienation overcoming may be directly used in the education process in higher school. Also, the main results of the study can be used in working-out the concept of specialists training in the system of higher education.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 4, 623-631

Publication date: 16 Jul 2016

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