"A Hero of Our Time" by Mikhail Lermontov as the Novel-Based Story
Alexander E. Eremeyev
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The paper analyzed genre and style nature of the literary work "A Hero of Our Time" by Mikhail Lermontov. Creative pursuit of the well-known Russian author was comprehended in the context of the Russian philosophical prose, particularly in terms of narrative experience of Alexander Herzen. The unity of genre features and philosophical character of the Russian prose in 1830-1840s was presented as different levels of the general historico-literary process in the Russian tradition of the 19th century. The paper also compared the literary work "A Hero of Our Time" by Mikhail Lermontov with the work "Notes of a Young Man" by Alexander Herzen. The authors used comparative-literature and literary-analytical methods. The authors suggested a new genre concept – the "novel-based story" that fully characterized the work "A Hero of Our Time". The paper substantiated similarity of literary works by Mikhail Lermontov and Alexander Herzen, determined by relevant trends in the development of literature and the personality of the 19th century.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 5, 2016, 1419-1425

Publication date: 04 Aug 2016

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