Theoretical Aspects and Methods of Evaluating the Economic Efficiency of Corporate Management in the Banking Sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Usen S. Alimbetov, Asel A. Apysheva, Lyudmila I. Beloussova, Inagul M. Zhaparova, Karligash T. Konbaeva, Klara T. Nemereneva, Nurlan Tursynbekuly, Nurgul K. Shaihanova, Kanshaim G. Sholpanbaeva
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The aim of the work is to review the existing approaches of the economic efficiency valuation of the corporate governance in the banking sector and to develop on their basis the ways of improving the effectiveness of the corporate governance in credit organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The authors describe the risk assessment method in corporate governance, methods based on the financial data analysis; present the features of two-factor and four-factor predictive models, etc. The study also found that the main aim of the corporate management in the banking sector of Kazakhstan is to increase the potential investor’s confidence to the mechanisms of attracting investments. The practical value of the article is in presenting the promising directions of the corporate governance in Kazakhstan and in suggesting ways to improve the effectiveness of the corporate governance in the banking sector of the Republic, which may be acceptable to the other transition economies.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 6, 2016, 1505-1518

Publication date: 26 Aug 2016

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