The Quality and Criteria of Evaluation of Educational Work at the Universities of Russia at the Contemporary Stage
Lera A. Kamalova, Elena Raykova
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The relevance of the research problem is due to the fact that  in modern higher professional education system are not taken into account  some objective trends taking place in the youth environment. Educational work is taking a special importance as an integral part of specialist training in the modern University. Education of youth is one of the priority directions in the sphere of national security, the most important factor of political, economic and spiritual transformation of the Russian society. The main purpose of the educational work is training of creative thinking and harmoniously developed specialists with profound theoretical knowledge, formed professional competence, high moral qualities. The article provides an analytical assessment of the quality and criteria of educational work at the universities of Russia, the peculiarities of educational work in higher educational institutions. In accordance to the issues and the nature of the study we used systemic-structural and comparative analysis methods. Experience, described in the article, can be used in the process of improving of educational work system with students-specialists of primary schools.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 1, 71-79

Publication date: 21 Apr 2016

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