The Journey of Nikolaj Tikhonov along the Caucasus and the Representation of its Customs and Traditions in his Works
Kamran Sh. Kazimov, Rafik M. Novruzov, Zemfira A. Veliyeva
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In this article study the journey of Nikolaj Tikhonov along the Caucasus. It gives the analysis of the customs and traditions of the Caucasus people, whose daily life is objectively depicted in Tikhonov’s works dedicated to the theme of Caucasus.   An obvious bounding link between the romantic perception and the reflection of the reality of the main characters and their traditions is analyzed and how the author uses his artistic method to depict the national character of the Caucasus people.  The works of Tikhonov embrace a wide range of such themes as the theme of the civil war, social rebuilding in the Caucasus, the image of ethnicity and geographical peculiarities of the land and the beauty of nature of the East. During his journey along the Caucasus in 1920-1930, the author shows a great desire to prevent the danger of the new war and calls to fight for peace and freedom. Tikhonov has made a great contribution to the Russian literature, enriching it with internationally related themes, promotion of peace and friendship dually motivated by the experience received from the journey along the land of Caucasus.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 6, 2016, 1557-1562

Publication date: 26 Aug 2016

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