Students Professional Orientation to the Teaching Profession in Educational Environment
Victoriya V. Sadovaya, Anastasia O. Luchinina, Aleksandr A. Reznikov
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Properly organized pedagogical career guidance for young people can be considered as a means of younger generation’s educational culture increasing, and hence the humanization of the entire society. The purpose of the paper is to reveal the two directions’ contents of the pupils’ pedagogical orientation: pre-professional teacher training in the school and the organization of students’ professional orientation at the University. A leading approach to the study of this problem is a systematic approach involving the relationship of the content, forms and methods of students’ pedagogical orientation as well as interaction of this process’s entities. The paper reveals the content of the developed curriculum for students’ pre-professional pedagogical training, and analyzes the possibilities of interaction between school and University as a factor in the students’ determination in the teaching profession. The paper can be useful for educators who are engaged in students’ professional orientation to the teaching profession.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2016, 327-337

Publication date: 10 Apr 2016

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