Structural Features of Theatrical Excursions (Methodology Based on Theatre Museum Expositions)
Tatiana V. Portnova
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The article shows the features of a theatrical tour at its structural organization and holding based on temporary and permanent exhibitions in museums of theatrical profile. The main purpose of the article is to examine the specificity of the concept of "Image Theater" in relation to museum exhibits. Based on the ratio of expression and pictorial means, which are peculiar to theater arts, to conduct a classification of theater excursions and a systematization of the possible methods of their implementation in contact with the theatrical exhibits. Based on the direct study of exposures and funds of theatrical museums and major theater museums, mostly European, in the world, as well as theatrical educational institutions, author revealed the composition of the collections, their species and genre features, content and physical parameters. The detailed description of the allocated into groups of storage units was made (documentary and art photography, portraits of theatrical figures in roles in life, personal belongings of the artists, directing sketches, costumes and sets, models and videos, billboards and posters, programs and book publications). The technique of tour shows these objects, which includes parallel author comments and recommendations for dealing with them and their visual impact on the viewer. Dedicated by the author and used in the analysis of the three semantic variants (chronological, thematic, complex) of theatrical excursions focuses on new approaches to understanding the material, designed to help the guides in their work with the audience. There is made a conclusion about the actual importance of the use of the author's experience and developed by him tour narrative methodological system and display for the development of education and the rise of culture in the modern world.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 8, 2963-2973

Publication date: 07 Sep 2016

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