Regulation and Standardization of State and Municipal Services as Imperative of Their Quality and Affordability
Yuriy M. Alpatov, Sofia Sh. Ostanina, Vilora V. Avilova, Ekaterina L. Vodolazhskaya, Izida I. Ishmuradova
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The urgency of the problem stated in the article is reasoned by the fact that the development of the idea of state management "state for the citizens" requires effective mechanisms to ensure quality and accessibility of public and municipal services. The purpose of the article is to develop recommendations on the regulation and standardization of state and municipal services. The leading approach to the study is the institutional approach that allows considering of regulation and standardization as tools for typing of state and municipal services for their automotive presentation in electronic form, assessing of their quality and availability. The main results of the study is to generalize the experience of multifunctional centers’ activities providing services and quality assessment experience and availability of services; determining of the nature of administrative regulations and service standards; identifying of criteria to assess the quality and availability of services; clarifying of the content for complex ensuring of the services’ quality and accessibility and the development of evaluation algorithm. The significance of these results is that the generalization of the experience of multi-functional centers’ activities allows  minimizing of the costs in providing of high-quality and affordable services; the revealed essence of administrative regulations and standards allow eliminating of contradictions between them; generalization of quality assessment practices and the availability of services allows determining of the methods for identifying of public confidence to the service providers; the proposed services’ quality and availability assessment criteria allow us to calculate the index of customers’ satisfaction; the  revealed content of the complex support of the services’ quality and accessibility and their developed evaluation algorithm help to systemize the powers of the state and municipal authorities.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 7, 2442-2454

Publication date: 03 Sep 2016

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