On Formation of Ethnical Identity of a Child in Multicultural Environment of Preschool Education
Valentina F. Petrova
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The relevance of the research issue is explained in terms of necessity to form positive ethnical identification of a human in a changing multicultural society. The ethnical identity is one of the characteristic features of a human’s personality; the foundation is laid in early childhood. The preschool age is the most important period in forming the self-awareness, the ethnical identity being the part of it. The aim of the article is to show how the problem is solved in kindergartens in the multicultural environment of preschool education observed in the multinational Volga region of the Russian Federation – the Republic of Tatarstan. The methods used in the article are based on the axiological approach in which the human is perceived as the highest value of society and the aim of the societal development; the personality-oriented approach which helps to define both individual personal characteristics and social ones showing the place of a human in society. The result of the research is the recommendations to educators of preschool educational institutions to organize multicultural education of children referring to their ethnical identity. The materials can be useful for everyone who deals with preschool children and train teachers to work in preschool educational institutions.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 4, 2016, 599-610

Publication date: 16 Jul 2016

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