Modern Internet Epistolary in Information and Media Discourse
Muratbek B. Toktagazin, Rakhymzhan S. Turysbek, Aigul A. Ussen, Roza A. Nurtazina, Bolat S. Korganbekov, Aleksandr A. Hradziushka
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This article is devoted to the basic distinctive features of the use and transformation with regard to the modern realities of epistolary communication in the emerging integrated media and information space. The authors reviewed the denotative and connotative aspects of understanding information and media spaces, and considered the phenomenon of integration, on the background of which the transformation of the epistolary genre took place. Also the authors discussed the basic features of modern types of communication – simplicity, brevity, graphics. The authors conducted an empirical study to find out the respondents’ attitudes, who are active users of the integrated space, to understanding and use of the epistolary. The relevance of the article is defined by the fact that modern information and media space has not been considered as a single, integrated space in which there is epistolary genre transformed and adapted to modern technological and communicative realities. Existing forms of indirect communication of people in STD have not been regarded from the point of view of the epistolary genre, therefore, there were no sense to analyze its transformation. This study aims to correct this error. The content of the article will be useful to journalists, researchers of the epistolary genre, and the literary critics.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 5, 1305-1319

Publication date: 04 Aug 2016

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