Implementation of New Teaching Technologies during the Action Research by Experienced Language Teachers
Jana Bírová, Jan Ocovay, Dinara G. Vasbieva
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This paper investigates new technology in teaching foreign language process as well as its implementation in classes of French. In the study, the authors concentrated on the improvement of grammatical competence of students learning French as a foreign language by means of the new technology, which was the ActivInspire software. The research period took four months. The objective of implementation of ActivInspire program was to map the improvement of students´ grammatical competence who participated in the research; the objective was fulfilled. The authors have also come to the conclusion that the use of ActivInspire during the lessons of French was appropriate and, considering the results, it was a well-chosen and effective option.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 8, 3089-3103

Publication date: 07 Sep 2016

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