Historical and Organizational Aspects of Pedagogical Practice Development within the System of Higher Education
Raisa I. Platonova, Natalia S. Shkurko, Tamara N. Lukina, Maria I. Sentizova, Lyubov P. Bugaeva
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Applicability. In modern conditions, Russian higher schools percept pedagogical practice as the significant stage of professional skills training, and the success of professional training of teacher as the whole is dependent on it (it reveals itself as the principally new from of work which demands the most thorough skilling and global analysis as of its results so of its process as such). Performed study of historical, objective, and structural and content parts of pedagogical practice in various stages of Russian history allows to reveal the inconsistencies and prospect targets that substantiate modern situation in pedagogical education. Purpose of the study is in definition of historical stages of developments of its types and in improvement of content of the programs of pedagogical practice of Russian higher schools from 1918 ill nowadays. Basing on author periodization there targets, tasks and content of individual programs of different types of pedagogical practice are analyzed taking into consideration historical and social and economical realia of society. The main methodological approach to this problem study is systematic method based on the ground of search of comprehensive and interrelated characteristics of studied historical and pedagogical facts and events, that allowed to follow strictly to the principles of continuity, integrity structural and hierarchical pattern during the course of study. Results of the study: Roles, functions, and content of the types of pedagogical practice within the system of pedagogical higher school education in accordance with the educational paradigm of the state were defined. Periodization of stages of development of the types of pedagogical practice in the system of hight=er school was elaborated basing of the historical approach. Practical implications: the materials presented in this article might be useful for researchers dealing with the issues of training of future teachers and also for those who study the history of development of higher professional pedagogical education.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 7, 2515-2526

Publication date: 03 Sep 0206

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