Distinctive Cognitive Features of Automotive Terminology Structure in American English and German Language
Ganna V. Sadovnikova
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The article deals with car terms from the aspect of new developing terminology science in Eastern Europe, which is called cognitive terminology. The research concludes the difference between a general language concept and a terminological concept. Going through all stage of research, will be define several linking words which are aimed for car-worker's comprehension in a different countries. In the paper the frames of car (automotive) terminology in American English and German language were designed on the basis of analysis of a notion part of a terminological concept, which is represented by terminological definition, and also with the help of basic concepts, which are parts of this structure. There were found basic concepts of car terminology in American English and German. The paper also describes the structure of the frame of automotive terminology. Besides that, the article shows results of an interview, which was held on on-line bases among staff of automotive companies "GMC" (the USA) and "Volkswagen" (Germany).


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Article Type: Research Article

INT ELECT J MATH ED, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 5, 1281-1296

Publication date: 04 Aug 2016

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