Development of Favourable Learning Environment and Labor Protection in the Context of Harmonization of Social Interaction of Educational System Objects
Olga V. Rogach, Elena V. Frolova, Andrey V. Kirillov, Valery V. Bondaletov, Mikhail V. Vinichenko
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The relevance of the study is conditioned by the need to review the role of existing in educational institutions learning environment and labor protection of employees and students in the process of harmonization of social interaction of students, professors and higher school leadership. In this connection, the present article aims at the identification of potential areas of disagreement of interests and positions of the university basic subjects in the context of the assessment of students’ learning environment and teachers' labor, and the disclosure of functioning in higher school labor and learning protection system on four structural units. The leading investigative method of this problem is a questionnaire survey of the staff and students of the Russian State Social University (RSSU), allowing to consider fully the processes of creation of favorable conditions of labor and learning from the point of view of their impact on the level of social tension, strife and disunity of teaching and students' staff. The article reveals the main issues of harmonization of social interaction of leading subjects of educational systems of the university in the context of the development of the learning environment and labor protection of workers, offers some recommendations on the harmonization of social interaction in the Russian State Social University. The materials of the article are of practical value for the educational institutions leadership, higher school teaching staff, as well as managers of all levels.


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INT ELECT J MATH ED, Volume 11, Issue 7, 2016, 2547-2558

Publication date: 03 Sep 2016

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