International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education

International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education
Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, 2016 - Volume 11 Issue 7, pp. 1987-2001
  • Published Online: 01 Sep 2016
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In-text citation: (Veselova et al., 2016)
Reference: Veselova, L. K., Bexeitova, R. T., Kassymkamova, K.-K. M., Duisebaeva, K. Z., Turapova, R. O., Tumazhanova, S. O., & Taukebaev, O. Z. (2016). Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, 11(7), 1987-2001.
In-text citation: (1), (2), (3), etc.
Reference: Veselova LK, Bexeitova RT, Kassymkamova KKM, et al. Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan. INT ELECT J MATH ED. 2016;11(7), 1987-2001.
In-text citation: (Veselova et al., 2016)
Reference: Veselova, Larysa K., Roza T. Bexeitova, Khaini-Kamal M. Kassymkamova, Kulzada Zh. Duisebaeva, Rahat O. Turapova, Saltanat O. Tumazhanova, and Omirzhan Z. Taukebaev. "Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan". International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education 2016 11 no. 7 (2016): 1987-2001.
In-text citation: (Veselova et al., 2016)
Reference: Veselova, L. K., Bexeitova, R. T., Kassymkamova, K.-K. M., Duisebaeva, K. Z., Turapova, R. O., Tumazhanova, S. O., and Taukebaev, O. Z. (2016). Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, 11(7), pp. 1987-2001.
In-text citation: (Veselova et al., 2016)
Reference: Veselova, Larysa K. et al. "Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan". International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, vol. 11, no. 7, 2016, pp. 1987-2001.
In-text citation: (1), (2), (3), etc.
Reference: Veselova LK, Bexeitova RT, Kassymkamova KKM, Duisebaeva KZ, Turapova RO, Tumazhanova SO, et al. Altitudinal Zonation of Exomorphogenesis in Northern Tien Shan. INT ELECT J MATH ED. 2016;11(7):1987-2001.


The structure of the morphogenesis processes is justified at the altitude mountain systems of the Northern Tien Shan, which is naturally determined not only for the mountain ridges, but also for the intermontane basins. According to the structure, the following exomorphodynamic zones are clearly distinguished: submontane-lowland, low-mountain, mid-mountain and high-mountain. In the intermontane basins, the differentiation of fluvial geomorphogenesis processes is well expressed and five high-rise fluvial zones are developed. Among geomorphological processes in the structure of Northern Tien Shan exomorphogenesis, special hazard could be caused by mudflow, avalanche, landslide-crumbling conditions, dike breaking and mudflow storage reservoirs’ or water tanks’ jetties. The relevance of adverse geomorphological phenomena studying is determined by the need in health and safety and development of measures to manage the possible geomorphological risks.


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