Full Issue International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education
Special Issue: Emerging Research in Statistics Education
Volume 2, Number 3, October 2007
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Guest Editor Carmen Batanero
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1. Reasoning about Variation: Student Voice
Chris Reading and Jackie Reid, Australia
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2. Assessing Students’ Difficulties with Conditional Probability and Bayesian Reasoning
Carmen Díaz and Inmaculada de la Fuente, Spain
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3. Year 11 Students’ Informal Inferential Reasoning: A Case Study about the Interpretation of Box Plots
Maxine Pfannkuch, New Zealand
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4. Factors Considered by Secondary Students When Judging the Validity of a Given Statistical Generalization
Hanan Ayoub Innabi, United Arab Emirates
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5. Investigating the Interpretation of Media Graphs among Student Teachers
Carlos Monteiro, Brazil and Janet Ainley, United Kingdom
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6. Individual Curricula: Teachers’ Beliefs Concerning Stochastic Instructions
Andreas Eichler, Germany
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7. Elementary School Students’ Intuitive Conceptions of Random Distribution
Sibel Kazak and Jere Confrey, USA
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8. Reasoning with Multivariate Evidence
Jim Ridgway, James Nicholson and Sean McCusker, United Kingdom
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9. Exploring Connections between Sampling Distributions and Statistical Inference: an Analysis of Students’ Engagement and Thinking in the Context of Instruction Involving Repeated Sampling
Luis A. Saldanha and Patrick W. Thompson, USA
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10. Investigating a Hierarchy of Students’ Interpretations of Graphs
Kazuhiro Aoyama, Japan
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